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Modern Dairies
is located on the National Highway No.1, just 136 Kms. from North Delhi.
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Whey Protein Concentrates have the highest biological value and protein efficiency ratio as compared to other proteins, which make it suitable for a wide range of nutraceutical and functional food systems. Whey Protein Concentrates contain minerals for bone strength, plus essential, semi essential and non essential amino acids for tissue formation.
bk_dot WPC 35
bk_dot WPC 60
bk_dot WPC 70
bk_dot WPC 80
bk_dot Highly soluble over wide pH range
bk_dot Formation of highly stable film
bk_dot Stable fat emulsions
bk_dot High water binding and gelling
bk_dot High whipping foaming
bk_dot Undergoes browning with lactose
bk_dot Bland flavour and aroma
bk_dot High in bio-active proteins
bk_dot High in nutritional value
bk_dot Infant/aged food formulations
bk_dot Clinical, sports, nutritional and dietetic foods
bk_dot Health beverages
bk_dot Meat products
bk_dot Protein supplementation
bk_dot Bakery products
bk_dot Confectionaries
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