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Modern Dairies
is located on the National Highway No.1, just 136 Kms. from North Delhi.
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Lactose, a major component of milk, also called 'Milk Sugar' represents a very large energy potential. Lactose has a number of unique properties which can be used in a variety of products.
bk_dot Edible Lactose
bk_dot Texture agent
bk_dot Carie flow agent
bk_dot Color and flavor retention
bk_dot Browning agent and flavor developer
bk_dot Non-hygroscopic
bk_dot Pancoating
bk_dot Dispersible
bk_dot Baked products
bk_dot Canned fruit
bk_dot Confectionery
bk_dot Dairy products
bk_dot Dry soups, sauces
bk_dot Infant formulas
bk_dot Instant drinks
bk_dot Jams, marmalades
bk_dot Mayonnaise, salad dressings
bk_dot Pharmaceuticals
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